Good night wishes and messages always hold a deal for your precious one. So, make it special by showing your love towards the person by the text. Make it clear how much you admire their presence by wishing good things for them. Here you will find good night wishes for any relationships. Like sweet messages for family members, romantic good night messages for beloved and inspirational good night messages for your buddies. You will bring a shiny smile to their faces before they drift off to sleep by sending these deep goodnight messages.Whether you are far apart for a short time or if you just want to wish your lovers a good night of dream, send her a message that reveals your love for her. Nights can be long and empty, but it is always wonderful to feel loved and know that the last person she has conversed with for the day is her true love.

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No matter how long it takes, the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give your best girl is love, romance and affection. Sending a romantic card with your best wishes to your best friend on Valentine’s Day is always the perfect way to express your love.

But, we are living in this day and age and sending love on this day is not as easy as it used to be. In fact, today it is practically impossible to make someone happy without pushing the envelope. To get your wife or girlfriend’s best good night wishes in the mail, you need to plan ahead, plan it carefully and I don’t mean after midnight.

The best good night wishes for her would be great when you were with her, you know? Her feelings are so tender. You can just imagine the look on her face if you sent her the best good night wishes for her. She would definitely be thrilled.

This way, you can give her a great way to say, “I love you” and keep her thinking about you for a long time. She would love it and be the envy of all her girlfriends.

The best good night wishes for him are even better. There is no reason he should have to wait another day for his needs to be met. He has to live his life, too. You two can be together all the time, do what you want to do, do whatever you want to do, whatever you feel like doing.Good Night Wishes.The good night wishes for him would be, “I love you.” And if he sees you right now, “I love you.”The best good night wishes for him are also great. Your best friend has a sweet tooth, so you can make her the very best good night wishes for him by adding a piece of gourmet chocolate cake to it.The best good night wishes for him would be the same as the best good night wishes for her. You can have a nice dinner with him and his family, or maybe go out for some great evening walks.When you are thinking about getting the best night wishes for him and his family, it is a good idea to consider each person individually. Each member of his family has their own preferences. Are you a big fan of Italian food?If so, the best good night wishes for him would be something to inspire his passion for Italian food, something spicy, something crispy, something rich and hearty. It could even be something to just remind him of all the great things he and his family have done together.The best good night wishes for him will be the same as the best good night wishes for her. The night is about two people being together. It is a day when they can be with one another. Say Good night wishes to him.Well, it can’t get any better than that, right? You get the best night wishes for your wife or girlfriend and your husband or boyfriend gets the best night wishes for him and his family. What a great day.

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Good Night Wishes For Him

  • “Every day and night before I go to sleep, I remind myself that I’ll love you more tomorrow than I loved you today. Good night sweetheart!”
  • “I have had so many good moments today. I look forward to spending another memorable day with you tomorrow. I wish you Good night wishes to you.”
  • “You are perfect with all your imperfections. Good night and sweet dreams!”

Good night Wishes

  • “Let us gaze at the same moon and cherish the experience that we are living in the same timeline. Have a good night sweet dreams.”
  • “May your dreams be sweet and happy, my dear. Good night, my sweet prince charming.”
  • “Saying you good night rather than sending you a good night text will feel way more enjoyable. I wish you will be sleeping well tonight. Good night love.”

Good Night Wishes for him

  • “I still can’t believe I have someone so beautiful like you in my life. Good night handsome!”
  • “I can’t think of anything more romantic and pleasant than sleeping right beside you at night. I know someday we will make it happen. Have a Good night!”
  • “Thank you for making my days warmer than ordinary. May the angels guard you while you have a great sleep. Good night beautiful.”

Good night wish for him

  • “Your thoughts keep me awake at night. But it doesn’t matter because I get to see your lovely face when I’m awake. Good night good night sweetie!”
  • “When I see you lying next to me in bed, I feel the happiest and luckiest girl alive. I forget all the anxieties in the world when you’re right next to me. Good night Babe!”

Good Night Wishes for Her

  • “Good night sweetheart. As you sleep with all the silence in the world, know that I’ll be in your dream to hug you. Good night gorgeous!”
  • “One day we will be saying good night to each other in person rather than by text message and eagerly waiting for that day. Have a cozy and warm night. I love you a lot. Good night honey”.
  • “Tonight, I’ll be your most colorful dream and your most beloved sleep in life. Just let me in when I knock the door of your heart. Good night god bless you!”

Good night wishes for girlfriend

  • “Someday we’ll be right next to each other in the bed, and we’ll be waiting for a new morning with a new passion for loving each other! Good night Darling!”
  • “May all the stars guide you to a night of sound sleep as I fight every nightmare for you. I am sending you my love while you have sweet dreams, love”.

good night wishes for girlfriend

  • “I hope despite having a harsh day, you will have a relaxing and sound sleep. I love you more than you, sweetie. Good night girl”.
  • “I am looking forward to meeting you in my dream, sweetheart. May you rest well. Have a good night and sleep tight. I love you so much”.

Good Night Wishes for Girlfriend

  • As time goes to midnight, I realize this every night. You are the most beautiful girl in the universe. I Love you my girl, Good night.
  • I have never seen you in my dreams because I can’t sleep every night thinking about you. I hope you are sleeping well. Good night sweetie.
  • You are the one who lightens up my nights. You are the one who made my days dark. Everything goes crazy without you. Good night.
  • In the nights When air blows my hairs, I supposed that they are your fingers with love in my hairs. Missing you so much, Good night.

good night wishes

  • I see my heaven in your eyes, please give them some rest now and sleep well for the fresh morning. Good night honey.
  • My sweet girl, I am sending you lots of hugs, kisses and much more love to show how much I missed you. I wish you a lovely good night.
  • I hope you are sleeping well this time while I am thinking about you. How lucky i am that I have you in my life. Good night sweetie, have sweet dreams.

Good Night wishes for girlfriend

  • All night I waited for you for all the time why the nights are so long to remind me that you are not with me for so long. Good night sweetheart.
  • Nights without you are the worst. I wish with you right now, holding you tight. May this night be peaceful and filled with beautiful harmony. Can’t wait to see you, baby. Goodnight. 
  • I miss you every second of my life. You are all that I have ever wanted, and spending these nights without you is such a nightmare. Have a sweet Good Night.
  • I will never let you go, baby. Have a very peaceful night. 
  • No nightmare can attack your peaceful sleep, because I will protect it every night till the end of time.  Goodnight

Good Night qoutes

Good Night Quotes For Her

  • “Saying good night is not just putting an end to a day; it’s a way of saying, I always remember you before I go to sleep. I hope you can feel the care that goes with it. Good Night.”
  • “Physically I am sleeping, but in reality, all I am doing is dreaming about you. Sweet dreams love.”
  •  “God sprinkles tiny but beautiful seeds of blessings on earth each day, and I just caught one that’s so nice and true it’s You! Love you and good night.”

good night qoutes for her

  • “Hold your phone tightly because this is not a text message it’s a hug in disguise. Good night my Love.”
  • “I hope one day when I wake up, I have you next to me. I hope one day when I sleep, I dream of you and find you next to me. Have a Good night Baby!”
  • “Let forget about all your worries. Let all your sorrow disappear. All the things which you have been carrying all along with fall. Let sleep invade your senses and make you welcome an energetic morning tomorrow. Have a beautiful good night and Safe Sleep.”

You can also send Love quotes for her for perfect relationship. 

Funny Good Night Wishes

  • “Despite the size of your bed, don’t stop yourself from dreaming like king size. Good Night.”
  • “Send me a text if you can’t sleep and call me if you get dreams and meet me if you miss me. I am with you always, any time, every time. Good Night.”
  • “I hope your nights are full of joys, and your dreams are full of wishes and pleasures. I wish you a great night!”
  • “Look up at the beautiful sky with shining stars in it. The shine of all stars wants to tell you, Good Night!”
  • “Hey, Night is made for rest for all the people. So switch off your World of stress and go to the World of dreams. Good Night.”
  • “Sometimes I am angry, but don’t ever think that I don’t care. No matter what the situation will be, I will always be there. Good Night my sweet girl.”

funny good night wishes

  • “Nights are the best part of life. If you miss sleep, you lose the best part of life. So go to bed and enjoy sweet dreams. Good Night my Love.”
  • “The night is to plan your days with success, and days are to implement your dreams into your real life. So its always better to sleep on time and gets up early in the morning. Good night You Stupid.”
  • “I have created a new phrase, and it goes like this – early to bed, early to rise and soon to meet friends like me.”

Good Night Messages For Friends

  • “I don’t want to interfere with your deep sleep, but I really can’t sleep before saying goodnight to you. Such a good night friend!”
  • “May all your worries and anxieties make their way out of your league, and you have a good sleep ahead. Good Night buddy!” 
  • “May we always be in love like the moon and star. I hope you throw all your anxieties away and have a great night of sleep. Love ya.”
  • “It’s the end of another spectacular day with you. Now recharge yourself for better tomorrow. Good night my friend!”
  • “Many things in life will come and go, but our friendship will stay forever and become more reliable day by day. Good night friend.”
  • “There are so many stars in the sky tonight, and I was searching which one is you. Because my friend, you are a real star! Good night my love!”

good night wishes for friends

  • “I am not going anywhere, Not because it’ll be dark outside but because they’ll be without friends like you. Good night.”
  • “Like how the stars look at night, our friendship adds a feeling of character and glamour to my everyday life. Good night sleep tight.”
  • “I know you are tired, but it’s a long night. So, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep and to dream. Good night my friend. Have a sweet sleep!”
  • “Laughs, smiles, cries, frowns, fights and pranks, I’d have dropped all of life’s best sentiments if it weren’t for a best friend like you. Good night friend.”
  • “The only reason I have a beautiful life because I have you in my life and want to be with you in my life. Good Night.”

Sweet Good Night Wishes

  • “Every moment of those long nights and days is a moment to be thankful to God for having you. I am thanking you and missing you very much. Good Night!”
  • I hope you had a cherished day today, and now you are looking forward to having a good night’s sleep. May Almighty bless you, dear. Good Night.
  • I am pleased with my life because I have you in my life. Thank you for being with me, dear. Have a lovely sleep ahead. Good Night, sleep tight.
  • “The glorious moon shining over my eyes is reminding me of a beautiful face of you. A face that can remove every painful memory from my life. I wish you a good night with a tight sleep.”
  • “No matter how hard the day was, could you take a deep breath and forget about all the worries? A new beautiful beginning waits for you. Good Night, dear.”
  • The last person I think of before falling asleep is always you. You make every problem a beautiful moment for me. Have a great sleep, dear.
  • My dreams are always full of you. I wish your dreams were so full of me. I can’t wait for the morning to meet you lets meet in our dreams. Good Night!
  • Kissing your forehead in the morning and at night before going to sleep has become my daily habit of happiness. Good Night!
  • I wish I were the pillow that pillow underneath your head tonight. I’d make sure you have the best sleep ever tonight and every night. Good Night!
  • You are the reason why I have sleepless all the nights. You are the reason why I love to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight to you.
  • Million of stars have lit up the night stars in the sky just like you have lit up my entire life. My days start thinking about you in the morning and end up with you at Night! Good Night!
  • The night breeze is blowing through my mind, and the soft touch reminds me of your love. I wish I didn’t have to miss you like this. Good night my love.

Best Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Your loving relationship needs a lovely good night message for your boyfriend to know that he is special for you. Before going to bed, your boyfriend will feel special if you send him a romantic good night wish. You will get the best Good night wishes and also Valentin’s day wishes here. Let’s get the best one to share with your Mr. Ideal and show how much love and care your heart does for him.

  • Spending every day with your love is like heaven for me. I love you for making me feel festive all the time. Good night!
  • I am wishing good night to the most graceful man in the world. May you have the sweetest and loveliest dream of your life tonight!
  • I wish someday I’ll kiss you in the forehead and say goodnight to you with my pure love. And then you’ll take me in your arms, and then I’ll close my eyes like a dream. Good night my love!
  • I’m thinking of you right now because it’s a very dark and cold night without you. I wish you were here to hug me and make me feel comfortable. Good night my love!
  • You look so cute when you are sleeping. I always looking at you with deep love while you are sleeping. Good night my love. I wish you a sweet good night sleep.
  • Having you in my life is the dream of life, and now I have no other desire because I have my dream as you in my life. Good night darling.
  • Always Feel me in your soul. I will always be with you in your dreams. Now Close your eyes and goto the world of dreams, I’ll be there with you. Good night.
  • I know its crazy, but I am always looking for you when there is dark outside. You are my best part of life. Sleeping in the nights is hard without you. Good night.
  • Every time I fall asleep with you, I go to the world of dreams that make me joyful. May your nights also become more comfortable than me, and your mornings be like a Gift. Good night my love.
  • Without you, this Cold weather makes me freezing. I want to sleep in your warm love. I hope you are doing better than me. Good night Baby.
  • I always miss you so much. I hope you miss me also. I want you to be here, but it’s okay, it never change the way of my love to you. Good night and Sweet dreams.